15 April 2014

Dining in the Gorgeous Hotel Del Coronado

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Today, April 11th, 2014, is the last day of Uncle Paul’s third visit. We of course all don’t want him to go because he is also so kind to take us to cool places or nice restaurants, but it’s impossible for him to stay for too long since he also have people to take care of in Chico. The good thing is, he will visit here again in June when my family comes, so my dad can will be able to see “His host dad”, and I am very looking forward to it! On his last day in San Diego, we decided to go to a really beautiful place to do some shopping and have lunch, that is, the Coronado Island. It is an affluent resort city located across San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego, I have actually been there once with my host family, it’s about 5 months before when I first got here, and we were just there for dinner. But today, we are going there in the morning instead of afternoon, I believed that we will see another beautiful side of the Coronado. 

Hotel Del Coronado and the beach.

Just like the past few days, we took boys to school and had some coffee in the coffee shop. I brought my bluetooth keyboard and iPad with me this time, and finished the blog post of Point Loma in the coffee shop. It was really convenient to use iPad to write my blog, and with a bluetooth keyboard, it’s even easier, I love those gadgets so much! We then started to head there. The weather today was fantastic, not cold, not hot, blue sky with not too many clouds, just another day in San Diego! To go to Coronado, we have to go on a famous San Diego-Coronado Bridge after we get into the Downtown San Diego area, but unfortunately, we didn't know how to get on the bridge! Both of us are not familiar with the map of Downtown, and there was no any sign  telling you where it is! But after few minutes of driving-around, we still found it, using a old-fashion way, “where the bridge is, go where”. Ha ha

Such a nice morning in the coffee shop.

Started heading there.

See the Coronado bridge over there?

The view on the bridge was awesome, it is the main reason why it is so famous. Since the bridge are built so high above sea level and are so long, driving on it was just like driving on the road to... heaven? Because all you can see on the bridge is the sky, road, and the fantastic, gorgeous view of San Diego and Coronado. Beside enjoy the amazing landscape myself, I also brought some gifts for you guys, the pictures I took! How exciting! Haha

Going on the bridge.

The awesome view. (Looking from the bridge)

Going to the heaven!

We actually didn't know where to go after we arrived Coronado. Just like yesterday, we just drove around and see where the shops are. We ends up parking next to a park, the main reason why we park next to a park is actually because it’s easier to find… Haha, we both don't know the geographic of Coronado, so we have to park next to a “landmark”... Fortunately, just across the park, there is a public library that Uncle Paul wanted to go.  Uncle Paul actually told me that if he see a library he would have to stop before we even got in town, reading news paper is his must-do thing of everyday, and I actually likes to go with him since all the libraries here are so beautiful (Pictures shown below)! So we stayed in the library for about half an hour, and then we started to walk to where all the shops are. 

In Coronado.

Drove pass Hotel Del Coronado.

We parked next to this park.

The Library. It's so beautiful.

In the library.

It's really nice just to sit down and read.

Looking out from the library!

If the reading area in Taiwan's library are also this beautiful, I will go there everyday.

All the shops in Coronado are very nice, they are all very fine and clean. We saw a cute old fashion hardware store that sells all kinds of tools and hardwares, Uncle Paul were very interested in that store because there are not too many hardware store like this around these days, people all go to big stores such as Home Depot instead. And there are also many cute gift shops and restaurants, we really love to just look around although we were not buying anything. Please just look at the pictures I took below:

The ATM of the bank in Coronado.

The nice shops.

Fine tools shop.

Cute shops!

At the end of the street, it’s Hotel del Coronado! according to Wikipedia, Hotel del Coronado is a beachfront luxury hotel just across the San Diego Bay. It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort. It is the second largest wooden structure in the United States and was designated a National Historic Landmark and California Historical Landmark.When it opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world, It has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities through the years. It has been featured in numerous movies and books and received a Four Diamond rating from the American Automobile Association, and it was once listed by USA Today as one of the "Top 10 Resorts In The World" as well. So, as you can see, Hotel Del Coronado is not only a famous and beautiful place, but also an important place. 

The Del Hotel was just across the street. 

The beauding are so beautiful.

The ocean was just right there!

Since we have never eaten in there before, we decided to give it a try. We walked there and entered their restaurant, on the way to the hotel restaurant, we could see the beautiful beaches, it was just gorgeous! I bet all the guests who stay in the super-expensive ocean view room will not be able to fall asleep at night, because the view are just so beautiful that people can't keep theirself from watching it. While we are waiting the restaurant to be opened for lunch, we walked around the hotel and enjoyed the beautiful architectural of the Del Hotel. There are some shops under the lobby, but we are more interested in seeing the beautiful lobby. The hotel lobby are actually pretty small, I guess it might be pretty big compare to other hotels when it was built, but it’s still very beautiful!

The restaurant.

In the hotel.

The stairs going up to the lobby.

Del Hotel lobby.

Small, but beautiful.

We then went back to the restaurant and had lunch. The restaurant is just right next to the beach, having lunch here, we will be able to see the beach, the ocean, and the Point Loma cove. Either sitting inside or outside, people will all be able to enjoy the gorgeous view, we chose to sit inside, but right next to the window. I ordered a smoked-turkey sandwich while Uncle Paul ordered a soup with salad. The food tastes very good, of course, the price would not be low, it was 23 dollars for my sandwich, but this might be our only time having this such a nice lunch in this awesome hotel, so we have to enjoy!

The restaurant we really eat in.

Their menu.

Uncle Paul


The view was fantastic.

The food was fantastic, too! Ha ha

After lunch, we walked to the beach a and stayed there for a while. The view was just so good, with the nice weather, it was just fantastic. I was really surprised when I first stepped on the actual beach in Coronado, the sands here was unlike the sands in La Jolla or any other beaches, it was so soft and fine, I felt so comfortable stepping on it even with my shoe on! But I still took my show off immediately, because it was just so good! I took lots of pictures including a 360 degrees sphere photo, and I even published it publicly on Google Maps, please click here to see! So since the landscape was just so gorgeous and the sands are so nice, I asked to stayed on the beach for a while. I just sat on the sands and enjoyed the fantastic view with my hands and feet on the sand, I really loved that feel! I also walked into the water just before we left, the water was actually pretty cold, but it’s definitely clean, and lots of people were playing in it or surfing. I really hope I could do that, too...

The beach next to the Del Hotel.

360 degrees photo.

I hope to play in the water too!

Other hotels (or apartments, I don't really know...)

Wow, such relax! Haha (Google: Doge)

We then started to walk back to the park where we parked the car. Both Uncle Paul and I felt pretty tired, it has been a long, but wonderful day. 

Looking down from the Coronado bridge while we were driving back home.

After taking some rest in home, we went out again and had dinner in a French restaurant, it was really nice, and their food was really good as well. The last day with Uncle Paul has been a wonderful and unforgettable day, I hope everyday can be like  this! Ha ha

A nice small French restaurant.

This was soooo good!

Thanks again, Uncle Paul, for taking me to so many cool places and nice restaurants, I really enjoyed it! 

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