10 June 2014

Visiting Old Town San Diego Historic Park

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On June 1st, 2014, the second last before I leave San Diego, we decided to go visit a place that we haven’t visited before. If you know San Diego well and have been continued reading my blog you should know, this place is “Old Town San Diego State Historic Park”. The Old Town Historic Park is located in the Old Town neighborhood of San Diego and it is a state protected historical park. We thought it might be kinda fun to visit Old Town in the morning and have lunch there, and then we can take to trolley to Downtown. The reason why we’re also going to Downtown is actually because that my host family asked me where I want to go and I answered Downtown so they wanted to bring me there. My host family is really nice!

Cover Photo - Old Town San Diego

So we got there to the Old Town at about 10 o’clock. The Old Town San Diego is actually not like what I imagined, it is pretty big but have not too many stores. There are a big lawn where people can sit down and relax, and all the stores and restaurants are around it. The first store we went to is the store that opens by Old Town itself, there are a lot of fine stuff there, and there is a big 3D model map of Old Town in hundreds years ago. I was really cool.

A small store in Old Town

Old Town San Diego

We then follow the free tour guide around and here some historical stories he was telling, but we left not too long after because it is kinda boring just standing there listening story.

The Tour Guide

We then took some pictures and looked around all those fine stores and small museums. There are lots of old carriage in the museum, as well as some native American stuff, it was really interesting to look at them.

Some Other Stores

Boys and Me!

A restaurant in Old Town.

Wells Fargo!

After that, we had lunch in a Mexican restaurant in Old Town. The restaurant is called Casa De Bandini, and I do have to say that it’s really popular because it was super crowded that day. We sat in an outside-area, with the good weather, it was just awesome. I ordered some Fish Tacos since… well… I am in San Diego, and seafoods are good in San Diego. Before I leave here, I have to eat Fish Taco the one last time.

Casa De Bandini

Fish Taco!

See, there was a GoPro camera hanging in front of my chest! Haha yeah I know it's cool!

We then walked to the trolley station and bought some tickets. The trolley system in Down San Diego area is kinda special in my opinion, it is different from the metro (or subway) system in Taipei and Tokyo, first, the ticket is super-duper expensive. I only bought a “compass” for a day-long ride and it costs 7 bucks, well maybe it has some other options to choose from on the kiosk but we didn’t look at all them very clearly. Second, you don’t need to physically “insert” or “tap” the ticket to get on the trolley. And no one on the trolley is checking either. But that doesn’t mean people can not to buy a ticket because I believe that they do check ticket randomly and if you don’t got a ticket you will get busted.

Trolley Station: Old Town.

A one-day "compass".


Me again! - In the trolley.

This can almost be a symbol of Downtown San Diego! It's the Hyatt hotels!

My experience on San Diego Trolley is pretty overall, the train itself is very stable, it really comfortable to sit in it, and the people in it are all very quiet.

In Downtown, we visited a place Uncle Paul have visited before called the Seaport Village. There are many fine shops there and the view in Seaport Village is really gorgeous. There are not too many special things to talk about, please just look at thee pictures I took: (Sorry, I tried to finish post as soon as possible because I am really busy these days… you know, Finals and stuff...)

Do some shopping! :D

Heading back!

I had a really good time in Downtown San Diego area, but this might be my very-last time visiting Downtown… :( I love San Diego.

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  1. Great! That sure was a fun time, can't wait for your blog on belmont park!