08 March 2014

Night at the Museum - "Wild About the Arts"

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Since Del Norte High School has the trimester system, this week is our final exam week. All the classes I take have final but yearbook class, yeah, even art classes have final! The final of art classes is called Night @ The Museum (N@TM). It is not really an "exam", but a art exhibition that was held on Wednesday and everyone including parents are welcome to come, all students who attend art classes have to display at least on of their work in the exhibition. Since I am in 3D Animation class, I also have to be participated the N@TM exhibition. I invited my host family to come with me, so they can not only see what I made and learned in 3D Animation class, but also take a look of the campus of my school and see some other high school student's art works.


My teacher, Mr. Askegreen, had us to do some assignments the day before N@TM, we have to answer some questions that we might be asked during the exhibition. I put those assignments digitally on Google Drive so you can see them if you want to, please just click here. The exhibition was held from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and was broken into 3 parts: Exhibition, Questions, and Evaluation. All students have to choose at least one hour coming to school to do evaluation for others and exhibit own artworks. I chose to come between 7 and 8 PM; Jason and Ethan also came with me, and stayed in school the whole time.

After getting a name-tag sticker and an evaluation sheet, I started to look around and evaluate others' artworks. I was so amazed that all artworks looks so good! They all looks professional, it seems students really learned something in class! Haha! I got some pictures below, please take a look!

In 3D Animation classroom

Photo class

Another photo class

Visitor Center of N@TM

Pizza vendor!!

Pottery class

Very nice artwork!

Drawing & Painting class

Very nice paint! Can't believe a high school student drew it.

After the evaluation and interviewed a student who is in photo class, I went back to my 3D Animation and get ready to exhibit my own artwork. I chose to exhibit 3 of my best 3D Animation artworks including Shaken, Not Stirred, Train, and Winter Project. I was pretty lucky since just few minutes after I was ready for people to do interview and evaluation, I saw Jason and Ethan walked into my classroom! So, of course, I introduced them my artworks, told them how 3D Animation works, and show them the "behind the scene" of my artworks. It was really fun. I also met some new people who is good in 3D Animation, they all did a really good job on their projects! If you are interested in seeing my artworks, I put them all on Google Drive, please just click here!

My winter project

"Shaken, Not Stirred"

The Winter project FINAL video. I took me 2 weeks to make this project, and took computer at least 6 hours just to render this 10 secs video (Make the 3D project file to a actual video file). Well, but it's 1920x1080 Full HD. :)

The Night @ The Museum in Del Norte High School was really awesome, I got a chance to look at other people's artworks and meet some new people. I really hope my school in Taiwan can also hold art exhibition like this!


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