09 March 2014

First Time Experiencing Broomball On Ice

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Last Friday, Jason brought boys and me to Escondido Ice-plex to join the annual Family Broomball Night. Since it only holds one time a year, we cannot miss it! Broomball is a recreational ice game originating in Canada and played around the world. It is played in a hockey rink, and broomball's game rules are also just like ice hockey rule, but it is way easier than hockey, and we can just wear sneakers playing it instead of wearing ice skates.

Having fun playing broomball!

We arrived there at about 5:40 PM, but the game hasn't started yet. After some waiting, we finally got to stand on the ice. There were not too many people playing that day; there were only about 50 people, so we separate people to two parts, one is young kids, the other is teenagers and adults. At the first half hour there, I was playing with young kids (and Brennan and Jason as well), but later, I joined teenager and adults. Since this was my first time playing broomball, I was not good at it. But I think it is really fun, when running on the ice, we have to be really careful or it's very easy to fall down.

There are two teams in a broomball game. I was in blue team, and we have to against red team. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opponent. Goals are scored by hitting the ball into the opponent's net using the broom. Tactics and plays are similar to those used in sports such as ice hockey, roller hockey and floorball. Although it is kinda hard, I still enjoyed it a lot and had lots of fun! I was really tired after playing it!


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