09 March 2014

See Where I Went and Had Fun These Weekends

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Karen and Jason will take boys and me to different places almost every weekends. 2 weeks ago, we went hiking in San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve; and we went watching the Lego Movie last week. But since these are not really big "events", I didn't write post for them. It is very beautiful in San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, it is a town nears the ocean, so hiking there are very makes me feel very comfortable, and the view was really good, too. The Lego movie was cute and funny, but I don't think I "love" it since I felt sick watching those tiny little Lego-made people all the time.

At San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

Went watching the Lego Movie in Edwards Cinemax!

We went to some cool places this weekend as well. On Saturday, both boys have soccer game, so I went to their soccer field with them to watch their game. The game was held in an elementary school which is 10 minutes away from our house, that elementary school is really nice, it is huge and new. I can believe that an elementary school can have 6 full-size basketball courts! Whoa, my family should really be moving to San Diego!!!

At Brennan's soccer game!

My family will go groceries shopping almost every week. Today (Sunday) morning, they decided to let boys and me to stay in the Nickel City Amusement Center while they are shopping in Costco. The Nickel City is a store that offers lots of game machines for all ages, and all of the games operate on nickels. This place is just like Tom's World (湯姆熊歡樂世界) in Taiwan, but you have to pay additional 2 bucks for admission here. Since this place is not really special to me, I only played a few games, but they have some really old, retro game machines such as Ms. Pacman, Galaga, and Donkey Kong that catched my eye, and they are all free-play machine, I was pretty interested in those game machines. And guess what, they are also selling those old gaming machines! Like the street fighter, they are selling $400 for it. I had lots of fun in the Nickel City Amusement Center, and I also took lots of pictures of it, please take a look:

Really Old Street Fighter Gaming Machine!

Some other old machines!

It's just like Tom's World in Taiwan!

Lots of tickets!


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