29 December 2014

The Most Special Day in My Life - Part 2

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(The content of this post happened on June 12th, 2014 PDT)

(Cover photo) My family and me in front of my school, Del Norte.

(The paragraph below were talking about a day before today- June 11th. Just this paragraph though.)
They (my parents) arrived United States in Los Angeles airport on June 11th and drove down to San Diego right after they got the car they rent. They actually experienced some problems while getting their rental car, it caused a few hours delay which made me pretty nervous on the June 11th evening, because I remembered that they used the airport Wifi to FaceTime call me at maybe around 4:00 telling me that they have finally arrived the U.S. and they planned to arrive San Diego at 6 PM or sometime around, BUT they never arrived until 10:30 PM. It might be okay if they could let me know that they were just having some problems with the car rental company, but they didn't have a way to communicate with me, there were no WiFi available outside the airport and they don't have phone either. Since the last time they called me was before they got their car and went on the freeway, I thought they had a car accident or something on the freeway! I knew people drive a lot faster on freeway in San Diego than in Taiwan and since my dad are driving a car the he have never drove before, I really thought that they had an accident. After hours of waiting, they finally FaceTimed me and told me what happened with the car rental company, right after they went into the hotel and found a wifi signal. They haven't even went into their room! They might be really worried about me worrying about them too! Haha I know it’s kinda messed up.

My sister - arrived the U.S.

Their first mean in the U.S. was in Golden Burger.

Looking out from their hotel.

The next day (12th), when I was still in school, they went to the library and an grocery store.

It's funny because my mom kept talking about how this local library is so huge and new, but it was actually just an normal community library. 

Well, let’s get back to June 12th. What happened on June 11th night was just too insane that I have to write a long paragraph for it. So after the 5th period ends, it was time for me to wait outside of school for my parents to come. I actually waited for more than a half hour I think, I used Facebook Messenger to call them a few times telling them how to drive to school but they just couldn't find their way. But that was alright because during the time I was waiting I saw a couple of friends and I got a chance to ask them to sign my yearbook and say goodbye to them. Some of my friends hugged me because they know that I am going to be gone for good, but it was just another common way of saying goodbye in the States. During that time, I was also looking and waiting for a red car to appear on the road since there are many people waiting outside the school and my parents might not see me or don’t know where to park. Finally, after about half-hour of waiting, I finally saw their car. I still can clearly remember they they didn't saw me because I kept waving to them but they didn't stop, and then they stopped by the parking lot which is the at other side of the waiting area. I walked there as they were getting out the car.

That moment when I actually saw them was memorable, really. Although my parents and I FaceTime video chat almost everyday on the last week of the exchange year, but I haven't seen them in person for 10 months! That sounds short but if you actually experience it you'll know, it’s not. They immediately hugged me when they saw me, and my dad kept taking pictures. My sister has surprisingly grew a lot! I didn't video chat with her that much so my memory of her might be from a year ago. She was a lot taller, she grew at least 5 to 10 cm! I was so happy to see them again and I have so many things to talk about that I can't wait to tell them! But I told them to go park the car first because we were literally parking in the middle of the road. Haha

We then parked in our school parking lot. I took them into my high school to give them a small tour of the campus, a place where I have been studying in for 6 months. So I basically just took them around and tell them where my classrooms are, where I always have lunch, where I buy food and etc. We also saw some teachers that are still working, like my geometry teacher Mr. Campillo. Since I was actually asking them to write Letter of Recommendation for me by that time, I went in and reminded him to do so (he was going to send an email to me). We then walked by the art classrooms, including my 3D Animation classroom. Since I wanted my parents and sister to see what my classroom looks like and what I was doing in that class. Luckily, my animation teacher Mr. Askegreen was still in the classroom working, I introduced my parents to him and told him that they are here to travel. He was really nice and told my parents that I am good at 3D Animation and have made some pretty good works. So I went to the computer that I was always using and showed my parents what software I was using to make the animation and some of my finished projects. I also explained how this software works and the basic techniques. They were kinda amazed.

In the 3D animation classroom - I was showing my parents how I made all those 3D animations on my YouTube channel.

Explaining how stuffs work! Haha

We then just walked around the campus. I pointed at different classrooms and explain what the classrooms are for as we were walking, I wanted to let my parents know where all the classrooms of different subjects are located. We also walked to the swimming pool since Del Norte has a pretty nice outdoor infinity pool. Well, I have to say that all the facilities Del Norte have are all pretty great. Just before we leave the school and drove off, we took some pictures since this is the last chance to do so. My dad even asked me to sit on the huge nighthawk logo that is painted on the ground in the middle of the campus, even if we are “technically” not allowed to sit or stand on it since it’s like stepping on school mascot logo, but that might be the best place to take a picture! It can help me to remind Del Norte! Haha

Me in front of the lunch window.

Me and my sister in the high school I have been studying in for 6 months - Del Norte <3

Nighthawks Logo and me. I am not a student of class of 13' though I am 17'.

Finally, and sadly, it’s time to leave the school, for good. But as I promised to my friends in San Diego, I will come back one day! We walked to our car and started to drive to my host family’s house. We arrived soon and parked on the road since there’s no place in the garage for us to park. My host family saw me and greeted us.

My sister, my mom and me in front of the front door of Del Norte High School.

My sister, my dad and me.

Good bye, Del Norte! :(

(The last day of my exchange year was truly memorable, there are just way too many things that I want to talk about, so I have to separate this post to two "blog posts". Please read the second part of this post by clicking here: The Most Special Day in My Life - Part 3, and in case you missed the first part, here you go: The Most Special Day in My Life - Part 1.)


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