29 December 2014

The Most Special Day in My Life - Part 1

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(The content of this post happened on June 12th, 2014 PDT)

The 12th of June was a very special day, actually one of the most special days in my life because it is “technically” the last day of my exchange year in the United States. Time flies, I have been in the U.S. for about 10 months and I didn't even notice this fact! During these months in the U.S., I have experienced so much that it’s hard to recall them all! But those months sure changed my life a lot, and the experiences I had were priceless.

(Cover photo) I've became a Del Norte Nighthawks after spending a great half year here.

The reason why I said that June 12th was one of the most special days in my life was because, if you know me enough, you would know that June 12th is also my birthday! How is that even possible! Haha and there are even more things that make today special: my family in Taiwan arrived San Diego today. They are here to not only take me home but we are going on a trip around California for 2 weeks. I was really looking forward to going on that trip because we have been planning on it for such a long time. There's even one more reason that made today special. I was moving out from my host family's house. June 11th was the last night that I stayed in the Berryhill family's house. After that, I carry everything with me (that was 4 suitcases + 2 carry-ons!) and stay in different hotels around California. - I will get into that in my future posts about our 2-weeks trip around California, those days were truly awesome and unforgettable.

So I woke up and got dressed up just like other school days. And then I saw something special after I opened the door. The boys and Elisa wrote a big “Happy birthday” with some cute drawings on a paper and stuck it to the wall outside my room. This small surprise really made my day, but there was even more! After i went down stairs, I saw some cute minion birthday balloons hanging on the ceiling and a big ribbon saying “Happy Birthday” hanging on the wall. It was really, really nice! I then had some breakfast, and got ready for going to school.

Uncle Paul drove me to school today because he loves doing so. I got to school a little bit earlier today. Since June 12th was actually the second day of our final exam days, we only have 3 periods today.  My original first period was 3D Animation, but I have my third period; FilmMaking, instead, today. Since it's our very last class, we were just saving everything we did this trimester to our cloud drive and watching the movie Inception (or The Hurt Locker, I forgot) but the time was really emotional, because it was literally the last time I can see these awesome people in filmmaking class in person. I really love the people in this class because we have all been working together happily for such a long period of time and some of them even taught me some great filmmaking techniques and tricks that have helped me improve my filmmaking and editing skills. One of my classmates in digital filmmaking called Jason Cronje were especially awesome, and I really like him. He asked my teacher to give me an special “Del Norte High School 2014 Performing Arts Festival Arts Recognition Award” trophy since he thought that I am good at producing films but didn't win an award in the DNHS PAF (Performing Arts Festival), he knew I was leaving and thought that this could help me to remember the good time I had in Del Norte and never forget about all the people there. It was really nice of him!

A really nice birthday decoration Karen and jason prepared for me.

Cute! :D

On our way to school.

Almost there!

Waiting outside the Filmmaking classroom.

During filmmaking class, I was checking the To-Do list I created the night before to make sure everything is done before I leave the school for good.

This might be the last time connecting the school WiFi network. :(

Oh and by the way I have the username and password of school WiFi that have access to blocked websites such as Facebook. :)

The 2nd (actually 4th) and 3rd (actually 5th) period I had Physics and Geometry, but before that, it’s lunch time. I usually eat with two friends: one is from Finland called Lauri Ala-Hynnilä and the other is a Korean American called Andy Kang, they were both really nice, but this is the very last time that we can have lunch together, and probably never again. We had our very special “last lunch” in ESL classroom, it is a classroom for English Learners, Haha! Some of my Chinese friends also came here for lunch, including Sharon Lai, Candy Chen, Alex Li and Terry Xia, they are all really-nice people, I can ask them for help whenever I need and they are always willing to help. But I don’t eat with them as often as I eat with Lauri and Andy though, because they all speaks Chinese and I don’t really want to speak Chinese that much when I am in the States so I can improve my English skills. We were all talking about that we have to keep in touch after I leave the U.S. I also gave out the small keychain that my parents sent me from Taiwan for me to give out and asked all of them to sign my yearbook, it is probably one of the most special things that can reminds me of the life I experienced in Del Norte. And they all love the key chain by the way, I hope whenever they see this keychain they can remember me. Haha.

During Physics class and Geometry class, we were all just chatting, chillin’, and watching videos. It was a great time for me to give out all the Taiwanese key chains to my classmates and friends and ask them to sign my yearbook. It was also a great time for me to really say “farewell” to them. I also used the time we had in Physics class to print out the card I was going to give to my host family members. It’s really hard to describe the feeling I had, it was a really mixed feeling that you feel sad about leaving and not seeing your friends ever again but you also know your parents that you have not seen for a year are just on their way to school to pick you up.

I went to the front office to ask for official transcripts. I took this photo as I was waiting outside the lady's office who takes care of transcripts stuff. (This is the front desk)

Front office hallway.

During Physics class, I was gluing all the cards I made for host family members.

Before I went abroad to the U.S. I bought some cards that has traditional Chinese look, so when I give out cards, they'll think it's special (and yes it really is, haha).

Then, finally, the school bell rang. To most people in school, it was probably the sound that they have been waiting for a whole trimester, because it means that the summer break was here and the school year finally ends. But to me, it means something different. My American high school life came to an end after this bellring. I can no longer see my American friends in person and… my San Diego life also ended. The probably only good thing that I was looking forward to was - my parents were coming to pick me up from school.

Waiting outside the school.

(The last day of my exchange year was truly memorable, there are just way too many things that I want to talk about, so I have to separate this post to two "blog posts". Please read the second part of this post by clicking here: The Most Special Day in My Life - Part 2.)


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