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Hello, my name is Phil Kuo, I am 15 years old, studying in Del Norte high school in San Diego, California. I am an international exchange student from Taiwan, I am going to study in America for 10 months. Before I came to California, I was staying in Ipswich, South Dakota, and studied in Ipswich High School. I used to stay in a host family which have three members, my host mom, Barb, another exchange from Korea, JJ, and me. JJ's blog address is jaehakjeong.blogspot.com . But after I moved to California, my host family were also changed. The family I am staying with now have 3 kids, Etan, Brennan and Elisa. Ethan is 10 years old, Brennan is 8, and Elisa is 2.

I am from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei.  Maybe you have heard of it because Taipei used to have the tallest building in the world – Taipei 101.  I have many hobbies, I love designing, painting and traveling.  I also love to listen to electronic music.  Listening to music makes me relax.  My favorite artists are OWL CITY and Coldplay.  They both play electronic music, and they sing very well!  In addition, when I was in Taiwan, I also listen to English radios such as the biggest English radio station in Taiwan, ICRT and BBC World.

I built my first own website when I was in elementary school.  The website about me now is PhilKuo.com .  I want to be a graphic designer in the future because I love designing, and I think it is so important to people that we can not live without!

My favorite subject is science, especially physics, I always get high scores.  I think it is interesting. I think to studying abroad can broaden my view, improve my English skills, and learn different cultures from around the world.  Also, I can train myself to be more courageous, that was why I apply for International Exchange Student Program.

And now, I am challenging myself!


This is the original background of the blog, I used it back in 2013. It's now 2018 and I just realized that the picture I was using for background does not exist anymore (the site that hosted it probably deleted it). I had to upload the background picture somewhere, and I end up choosing here because why not... if you like the image you might as well download it and use it as the desktop picture! :)  


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