03 November 2014

Having fun at Belmont Park, Mission Beach

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(The content of this post happened on June 8th, 2014 PDT)

Time flies. A year of international exchange was almost over. On the last weekend of the year, just 4 days before my school ends, my host family took me to a really historical place in Mission Beach, San Diego called Belmont Park. According to Wikipedia, Belmont Park is an oceanfront amusement park opened on July 4th, 1925 as the Mission Beach Amusement Center. The park itself is so old that all the buildings and rides there looks so “classic”! We didn't spent our all day in Belmont Park , but also the whole Mission Beach area. There are many fine shops there as well as some great restaurants.

A wooden roller coaster in the park. Can you believe that it is one of the oldest wooden roller coaster in the U.S.?!

The weather on the day we visited the park was really good, it was shiny, and not too dry. Well, maybe it’s just the typical Southern California weather! Belmont Park didn’t require a ticket to enter, and there are two kinds of way to enjoy the ride. The first way is to buy a full-access ticket which gets you full access permission to all the rides in the park. The other way is to get yourself a pass everytime you go on a ride, it is good for people like me who don't want to go on all the rides but only one of them or so.

Arrived the park!

The first and the only ride I got on is the historical wooden roller coaster called Giant Dipper. The Giant Dipper roller coaster is just like the coaster you can see in the movies, it is on a boardwalk next to the beach, and there are also many other gift shops, ice cream shops and some small rides on the boardwalk. People can literally spend their whole day here and enjoy. The reason why I wanted to ride this rollercoaster is not only because of the beautiful ocean view I could see while the truck reaches the highest point of the coaster, but also because that there are so many stories behind this roller coaster. Again, according to the powerful encyclopedia Wikipedia, Giant Dipper, the wooden roller coaster that built in 1925, is recognized as a National Historical Landmark, as well as the National Register of Historic Places, California Historical Landmark #1044 and San Diego Historic Landmark #90. From these, you can tell how old and important this rollercoaster is, and now I have got an opportunity to ride on it, how could I miss that!

The entrance of the park. Toy don't necessarily need a ticket to enter.  

The Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster.

In the park.

The ticket for the roller coaster.

Such a beautiful wooden roller coaster, isn't it!

After buying a single-ride ticket for Giant Dipper, Ethan, Brennan and I went on the ride. Since it is a really old roller coaster, we didn't feel very comfortable riding on it. It was really shaky and noisy, you could feel like the track is going to fall apart, and the lift of the coaster was really loud and scary too, but by the moment the truck reaches the highest point of the ride, you will suddenly forget all the thoughts in your head, because of the gorgeous ocean view that comes to your eyes. The view was just gorgeous, along with the boardwalk and beaches, I just couldn't believe my eyes!

Ethan and Brennan were on the coaster!

Looking out from the station.

On the coaster!


The on-ride experience of Giant Dipper.

After spending some time in the park, we decided to walk out to the Mission Beach area. We walked around in some fine gift shops, they have literally everything you can think of with a pretty reasonable price. I bought a towel that has the word “California” with a California brown bear (with sunglasses!) logo on it. I thought that it would be good to hang this on the door of my room. We saw many people skateboarding, partying, and chilling on the beach. All the people there seems to be having fun. Mission beach is just a place filled with happiness!

Outside the park. That castle is actually a big gift shop.

Fine gift shop.

Looking out from the gift shop. How great that view is!

The walkway as well as the bikeway/skateboard-way on the beach.

People were having fun!

Some funny signs they're selling.

"Beach Treats"

We then walked back to the park and let the boys do some more rides they want, and I just walked around the park myself. I saw a cameraman carrying a huge professional video camera on his shoulder, filming four girls walking on the boardwalk and going on the rides. I think it might be a music video or something. It was just interesting to look at.

Back to the park!

A t-shirt shop in the park.

A place where you can play all kinds of video games with just a few coins. Now what is this kind of store called? Ahh I hated it when I know how to describe a thing but just can't remember what it's called... 

Other rides in the park.

I bought myself a pineapple ice cream as a small treat for myself! :D

A cameraman filming with this huge professional camera. Well, I want one of these too!!!!!

The family and I had lunch in the park. We bought some burgers and fries on a small fast food shop on the boardwalk and had the food on the boardwalk. Everything tastes good when you’re hungry. Haha

The burger shop.

They have good foods!

About to leave...

We then started to head back home. I sure had a great day in Mission beach, and I hope to come back again soon, but it might be an impossible mission because my exchange year was about to end. :(

Arrived home, continue packing my luggages... I don't like doing this.

My room. 4 days before I left. :( How sad.

Haven't finished packing till midnight...

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  1. Yeah, that as fun, we sure miss you Phil!